Have a tall thin wall? A vertical system is the perfect solution.  

Simply select the number of panels you need to heat your square footage* and identify the installation location on your sunny exterior wall.** 

Need a different layout? Check out our other system configurations below. Still need help? You can always contact us for a consultation or custom order. 

*Each 24" x 24" panel will heat approx 100 sq ft of well insulated space.

** When selecting the exterior placement of the system be sure there are no wires, pipes, duct work or structural members in the walls ceilings or floors that may be damaged when cutting the 6" diameter openings for the blower and return air ducts.  

Systems of 10 or more panels include 2 blowers.  More than one system can be installed on the same building. 

8 PANEL SYSTEM (V2-4) $3100

footrprint 8' x 4'

solar heating made simple

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Vertical Two Row Systems

6 PANEL SYSTEM (V2-3) $2700

footprint 6' x 4'